How to become a photographer

taking a photoThe profession of photographer makes many people dream. Especially with the invention of digital cameras that allow everyone to shoot without calculating and then retouching whenever they want

Nevertheless, it is not because anyone is able to press a button to trigger a camera that anyone can become professional photographer. Let’s not go with stereotypes and see what a little info on this trade can teach us.

Freelance work

To begin with, you must know that there is not only one job as a photographer. There are as many as there are types of images.

The wedding photographer, like this Bloomington IN wedding photography studio, does not work in exactly the same way as the one that specializes in animal photography, the amateur of landscape photo does not work like the sports photographer. There are many ways to see the world. Most photographers today have to choose their niche, the one in which they will specialize, and equip themselves and then sell their photos, keeping this focus in mind.

There are more and more specialists in taking pictures of objects or cliches dedicated to store interiors. It is by selecting a niche that is not yet too crowded that one has the most chance of finding customers, even if one should not totally overshadow the notion of pleasure: spend one’s life to take pics of a dying niche is a waste as well.

Many professionals are freelance photographers and then sell their shots, either to agencies or on a case by case basis.

This implies having an effective network and never knowing what the next month will be done. When a contract is signed with an agency, remuneration will often be linked to the number of photographs offered each month. It may also be possible to be contacted for photo order, from the moment the reputation is established. Advertising catalogs are just one example of what can be done for a customer.

Motion design freelance

A photographer is a person who has the click at the right time, and who knows what he can do with it. It is also a set of qualities:

A bright eye: the photographer on mission has the lens glued to their eye. He knows how to shoot at the right time to get the perfect picture. The brightness, the reflections, the shadows, the gradations … nothing frightens him, he stares at them and immortalizes them wisely.

Improved tools: yes, no need to be illusory, a good photographer is nothing without a good camera. And this one, like all the corresponding accessories, is to be purchased when necessary.

Patience: spend hours in the same place, watching for the marmot coming out of its hole, take 50 shots of the same cheese to keep one, wait to find the “key moment”. The good pictures are deserved and you have to know how to take your time to get them.

The relational sense: one can not always remain hidden behind its case. To find customers, you have to go find them, talk to them, convince them if not seduce them … The smile is today a very good tool for canvassing.

A powerful computer: the profession of photographer is no longer practiced in a darkroom but in front of a computer screen. Adapted software has become essential to produce and distribute its work.

If you follow all the steps listed here we are confident that you will be well on your way to becoming a pro.