Gambling in Australia

Here at the aacsich we like to talk about issues within Australia and an important issue that we see all the time in our communities and neighborhoods and that is responsible gambling.  Being Australian ourselves we know that gambling is quite popular out here and that theres nothing wrong with getting a good punt in down at the casino or online.  Hell, we all do it and most of our friends do as well, we mainly want to talk about the other side of gambling that isn’t talked about too often.

The problem comes when things are taken too far.  If you’re a parent for example and you’re choosing to stay on the computer playing real pokies rather than spend time with your family well then you may have a problem.


So you may be thinking… What can I do if I spend too much time gambling online or at the casino?  Well the first step that we would recommend would be to call the Australian gambling commission and get help sooner rather than later.

It’s important not to let gambling take control of your life and to always put the things that matter most in perspective which includes family and friends.  Instead of heading down to the track to punt away your paycheque like you do everyday, why not invite some mates over for a barby and some poker.  Thats a much better solution in our opinion.

So the next time that you feel the urge to have a punt down at the local casino think for a few minutes is this really what I want to do? Then give it your best judgement and you’ll be much better off.