Guide To Choosing a Steam Cleaner

steam cleanerFirst, a steam cleaner gets rid of all the dirt, grease, germs and mites that hide in your living space. On your tiles, your windows, your fabrics, even in your bathroom, it is great for a variety of items.

Without using detergent, but by heating the water to 100 ° C or above -200 ° C maximum, the steam cleaner makes the maintenance of your home easy. There are many types. To find out which steam cleaner is right for you, simply evaluate your needs.

Hand steam cleaner

Looking for an ultralight steam cleaner with a quick start for your little household chores? The hand steamer is right for you. It has the particularity to easily dislodge fats and scale on your faucets and in your sanitary. Nothing can resist it.

The steam broom

The steam broom is the best for cleaning hard floors: tiles, linoleum, parquet etc. With its shape all in height, it saves you back pain. Its lightness and maneuverability idealize it. In terms of storage, it’s the best option for this.

The vacuum cleaner

Two devices in one, the steam cleaner vacuum combines two actions: steam cleaning and automatic suction. No need to vacuum beforehand. Perfection for the win!

The window cleaner

Its small size is easily handled to shine your windows. Farewell, fly dung on the windows!
How to choose the power of a steam cleaner?

Expressed in Watts (W), the power determines the heating time before the arrival of the steam.

The higher the power, the faster the device starts, so you gain in performance

When the water in the tank is empty, you must stop the steam cleaner cycle to recharge it. With a tank of less than one liter, the autonomy lasts from 20 to 30 minutes, already ideal to clean a small surface in a continuous way. More than 2 liters, you have a range of up to 2 hours to clean your entire home. Another interesting option: a steam cleaner with a removable tank that you can recharge in water even in the activated mode; or even better, a steam cleaner with a self-filling system.

Wire length

In the case of an electric steam cleaner, the length of the wire itself – from 4 to 9 meters – limits your area of action. Handheld steam cleaner models work with a battery. At this point, their battery life is based on the battery – between 20 minutes and 2 hours.

What are the main features of a steam cleaner?

The flow rate defines the amount of steam projected by the steam cleaner. The flow rate is measured in grams per minute (g / min) and ranges from 0 to 115 g / min. The higher it is, the more effective it is. For a rigid floor, a flow rate higher than 70 g / min is efficient.

On some steam cleaners, you can adjust the flow rate according to the soil to be treated and the degree of soiling.

Pressure of a steam cleaner

The pressure is expressed in bar, it indicates the force with which the steam cleaner ejects the steam. Generally, you choose between 3 and 6 bars. That says important pressure also saves time. From 4 bars, a steam cleaner is considered good to take off effortlessly the dirt on your carpets, between the joints of the tiles, etc.

Your steam cleaner should be easy for you to handle, especially when you need to lift it to clean at height. Between two steam cleaners with identical characteristics, choose the lightest one.

Sound level of a steam cleaner

In order not to become sounding, the tank of your device must have a good sound insulation. If not, promote a steam cleaner with a noise reduction pump.

Handle control

A steam cleaner with a handle control prevents you from bending down when you want to adjust the steam flow. This is very convenient because the media can be more or less dirty, it saves time with a simple movement of the thumb.

Professional products

These are the big industrial products that are used by carpet cleaning companies. This carpet cleaner in Huntersville advertises that they use top of the line carpet cleaning equipment. What they mean by that is that they are using a good steam cleaner.