Finding Love On The Internet

Before the arrival of the internet, we used to go to several places to socialize and meet people, in bars, pubs, discotheques, parties, weddings, at the workplace, and even at the library. It is not always easy to take the first step and face an unknown person.

Now, with sites and dating apps, it has become easier to meet a partner, including from a different country if you want. We can judge a person based on their appearance on a photo and read the information from their profile to see if they could be our type

Do online dating really prove itself?

Unions that start with an online dating is just a click on the internet. Currently, adults live in a limited social universe, at least when compared to face-to-face meetings of the past. We work, take care of our children and sometimes meet our friends; there is no time left for other activities.

We carry out our transactions and our grocery online and have replaced the discussion with text messages. We seem more connected but are actually more isolated than ever.



Cultivate the right attitude

Meetings should be fun. You have nothing to lose by meeting a man for an hour to chat in a public place. Do not listen to the panicked inner voice that predicts you the worst. The anxiety -related meetings are the biggest mental block affecting the emergence of a great relationship.

“Will he love me? Will it please me “… and the phrase I hear most in my office:” I do not want to meet someone that way because I’m afraid to please her more and fear to give him false hopes, to hurt him and to be incapable of saying no to him. This is just a good excuse to hide the truth: “I’m afraid of being hurt.” So, face your fear and make an appointment .

Know that you will survive a disappointing meeting

After all, what is the worst case scenario? Perhaps he will see you … and will he run away? You will have the opportunity to learn to be rejected by someone who has suffered the same thing. This happens to us all. In my case, after a lot of pleasant emails, I decided to meet for dinner a wine importer.

We were so excited that my partner had bought tickets for the Pearl Jam concert before our first meeting. However, during the initial meeting, it became clear that I did not correspond to the mental image he had made of me during our e-mail exchanges. When we left each other, I said that we would see each other at the concert and added, at the joke: “Unless I receive an email of cowardly abandonment” (woman’s intuition!).

His email arrived around midnight. It began in these terms: “Here is the email of cowardly abandonment …”. Of course, I felt bad, but I accepted her offer to keep the tickets and I attended with my sister at the Pearl Jam concert, where we danced all night between girls.

Admit that a good meeting is not a relationship.

Going out a few times with a person does not mean maintaining a stable relationship! It is the advantage of being an adult and not a teenager. We can choose to meet more than one man at a time, to know them better. So do not hesitate to do it. For your part, your partner will act in exactly the same way!

Decide that you will meet 10 men once. If you discover reciprocal affinities with one of them, you can take a break after the 10 meetings, to see if it’s the right one. If you are able to differentiate the concepts of encounter and true love seeking, you will be more serene and more receptive to surprises and have more fun.

In summary, Internet dating is just another part of the online world. Similar dangers are everywhere on the Net, dating sites only highlight the activity of crooks who abuse people emotionally vulnerable. The solution is not to avoid dating sites, social networks, shopping or online media. Instead, be careful and be careful to surf safely and with confidence.